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Unique Cork Boards Custom Made

Cosy Corks were created by a pin collector for pin collectors. Creating designs and shapes that can highlight and display collections both big and small.


Cosy Trapezoids

These align with hexs and themselves allowing for modular design freedom.

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Classic Hexagons

Comparable to traditional hexagon boards but with extra style.

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Rectangle Scroll

Offers plenty of space for pins, charms, postcards, and more.

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Recommended | Small Nails

Best for your walls and boards.
Using a small hanging nail you can pin through the cork and then into the wall. Makes for an easy move or swapping out of the board with minimal damage to the cork itself.

Just be sure not to pin it in too close to the edge or the cork could split! (if it does gorilla glue works great to fix and put things back together)

Long Term Stick | Sticky Back

Best for long term display but highest board damage.

Please note that the base sticky back is STICKY! Think wallpaper sticky. This is good if you know they will be up on the wall for a while but removing them (like wallpaper) will most likely damage the board and leave a residue to be cleaned off the wall.

A way to minimize damage and messes is to only peel off a section of the wax paper- top to bottom on either end.

Renters | Mounting Tape

Minimize wall and board damage.

Depending on your brand of choice the mounting tape may not stick to the wax paper on the back. In this case, just cut and peel up a small section of the wax paper and stick the mounting tape straight to the exposed sticky back of the board. Then mount as normal.

Can utilize the traditional mounting tape or other versions like velcro

Question or Concerns? Just reach out!

I am always happy to you get your boards up and your pins out of the shoebox.

Looking for something... Different?

I design and make my boards in studio which means I can also provide custom design services. In fact a good number of designs in our shop were originally designs requested by other pin enthusiast.

I can even add design to corkboard of other sizes and shapes.